Easy Guide on How to Get started with IQ Option Registration?


Hello...folks in this article I am going to talk about one of the most famous trading platforms. i.e IQ Option.

If you are a Facebook, Instagram user you must have heard about IQ Option at least once.

In ad, they show a guy making $200 in a minutes and you must be thinking Can you make such a quick money via IQ Option or How Do I get Started with IQ Option.

Well, in this article and my upcoming I surely going to teach you How to get started with IQ Option and Can you make quick bucks with IQ Option in my later article?

How to Get Started with IQ Option?

Getting, Started with IQ Option damn very easy.

IQ Option offers two types of accounts:

1. IQ Option Demo Account

2.  IQ Option Real Account.

  • IQ Option Demo Account: 
IQ Option offers a FREE demo account also known as paper trading account.

If you are a beginner this is where you begin.

You need to practice all your strategies, Trading plan and more.

In IQ Option demo account you will be provided a $10,000 free cash and won't be charged any money for practice.

When I beginner I traded for like 6 months in demo account and I will highly suggest you to begin with the demo account.

  • IQ Option Real Account
Once you are done with practising in Demo account.

It's now time to earn the real bucks from IQ Option real account.

What you need to do is deposit real cash in IQ Option real account and start trading to earn Big.

IQ Option Registration | Sign Up 

Signing up with IQ Option is damn very easy. 

There is also a quick method. 

That's it the basic setup is over!!!!

Once you are done you will land to IQ Option dashboard.

Now, before you go and waste your IQ Option demo account money I will highly suggest you to learn the basics.

What I want to you do is got to IQ Option dashboard and click on video tutorials.

And you will see a bunch of tutorials. What I want you to do is complete all those courses and you feel comfortable while trading.
Winding Up:

So, this is the end of this article.

I hope you have found this article helpful.

This article was all about:

  • How to Get Started with IQ Option?, 
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